Is Climate Change Responsible for Artificial Grass Popularity in the North of England?

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Is Climate Change Contributing to Rise in Artificial Grass? | Home and Garden BlogIt is no secret that artificial grass is on the rise. More and more people are choosing an artificial lawn over a natural lawn, but what is the cause of this? Why has artificial lawn become the go to for the outdoor space of many homes?

If you ask the Royal Horticultural Society, then the answer may lie with climate change.

Over the past few decades the world has seen a change and here in the UK we seem to be feeling it more than we may have expected, with climate change really taking a hold. We are all seeing higher temperatures, increased rainfall and of course the much harsher winters then we are used to, all of which means that maintaining a garden in the UK is going to be much harder, with more challenges then we may be used to.

It also seems that the North and South of England are set for a divide, a split that is going to cause each area to have their own challenges with their outdoor space.

Is wetter and cooler weather going to increase lawn maintenance?

The North of England looks set to have a climate which is cooler and wetter, which means that their growing season is extended. Of course, for flowers, plants and crops this can mean that you have a greater chance of growing things and creating a green space, but the same applies to your lawn, which means that those in the North are faced with a more frequent need to mow and maintain their lawns.

This may not sound like the worst thing in the world, especially if you love spending time out in your garden, but we are sure that within a year or so, those who live in the North of England are going to feel weary from having to keep on top of their lawn.

So, what can they do? Do these people just have to accept that things are this way and will have to dedicate more time to being out in their garden?

Could artificial grass be the answer?

It seems not. As our busy lives take a hold and we spend more and more time away from our household duties, we are likely to find a way to make things easier. In our garden this comes with artificial lawns.

The great thing about artificial lawns is that they don’t change due to the weather. Whilst natural grass is going to see a growth boost during wet weather, artificial grass is going to simply stay the same. No need to mow, no need to strim.

Of course, artificial lawn does require some maintenance. However, compared to a natural lawn this is minimal and can work around your work, your family and any other things that you need to plan in time for.

With things set to get worse rather than improve, it makes sense to invest in artificial grass. We can promise you that this is a decision that you won’t ever regret, particularly when you get to enjoy your beautiful and well-kept lawn, all year round.


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