Inspect Your Flat Roof Regularly to Avoid Leaks this Winter

Inspect Your Flat Roof Regularly to Avoid Leaks this Winter

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Inspect Your Flat Roof Regularly - Avoid Leaks! | Roofing BlogAs winter is upon us, make sure you inspect your flat roof regularly to avoid leaks. The UK has experienced one of the hottest summers on record during 2018. When searing temperatures bear down on some types of flat roofing for a length of time, it can cause the surface covering to degrade.

What am I looking for on the flat roof?

On felt roofing, and some types of single-ply membrane, this can appear as bubbles in the surfacing, and others can become dried out, which leads to cracks. Cracks immediately let in water if it rains, and then, once the freezing temperatures arrive, freezing water expands and damages wooden roof decks.

Gutters need checking too!

Checking that the autumn leaves are not clogging gutters is of paramount importance before winter. Clogged gutters are one of the most common causes of damage in domestic outbuildings.

What if I find damage to the flat roof?

If you come across torn, cracked or roofing with bubbles, then it is time to do something straightaway before the winter months take hold and begin causing damage to the integrity of flat roofing. If you are a keen DIY enthusiast, you might want to consider buying a flat roof kit and replacing the roofing yourself.

A flat roof kit is a great idea. Make sure you consider a long-lasting, high-performance roofing system, such as EPDM membrane. The investment you make now will pay off over the long term with EPDM, as it has an unmatched life expectancy of five decades.

If you are not a confident DIYer, bring in a professional flat roofer to do the job for you. Paying someone to carry out repairs or replace the roofing with a modern alternative is a wise investment. If left over the winter, flat roofing can quickly become damaged, and a leaking roof will warrant an emergency call out to put right. This can become a very expensive way of doing things!

Look after your flat roof and make sure you inspect it regularly to keep those leaks away.


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