How to Plan a Garden Water Feature

Plan a Garden Water Feature | Garden Design TipsWe all want our gardens to look the best that they can. Whether your outdoor space is an extension to your home, a place to be social with your friends and family, or perhaps somewhere that you can be at one with nature. You are always going to want your garden to look great.

There are a number of ways that you can try to spruce up your outdoor space, one of which is with a garden water feature. But how do you plan a garden water feature? How can you make sure that your garden is ready for a water feature and how can you make sure that it is going to be safe as well as beautiful?

Getting a water source

It isn’t going to be much of a water feature without any water, therefore, one of the first things that you should keep in mind is that you are going to need to find a good water source. Of course, some water features are entirely self-contained, which means that the water is processed and filled up within the feature itself, however, there are also those that are not able to offer this, which means that you are going to need to make sure that it is attached to a tap, or to a reservoir.

Get some advice if you need to find a water source for your water feature. A registered plumber may be able to help you, or you could speak to your local planning office.

Planning the garden around a water feature

When you put a water feature in your garden, you need to think about the rest of the space, after all your garden is so much more than just one part. Some people arrange a seating area around your water feature, as this will make a beautiful focal point, or some even like the idea of having their water feature in a more nature inspired section of your garden.

Another consideration is the grass that you have around your water feature, if you are concerned about the entire space becoming wet, muddy and just generally unsightly and unusable, then you may want to think about artificial grass. This will be able to withstand the water and as long as it is properly installed, it should stay looking the best that it can.

Thinking about safety

Water in your garden, in any format, is beautiful. However, it can also be dangerous, particularly if you have small children or pets around that could get into trouble. This means that you should always think about safety when planning in a garden water feature. If you have children or pets, then you may want to consider a water feature that is completely contained, that has no exposed water, even a small amount of water can prove to be a dangerous risk of drowning for children.

Water features are beautiful, they are relaxing, and they are also an amazing way to create a focal point for your garden, so, why not think about adding a garden water feature to your home and see how beautiful you can make it look?


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