Planning Ahead for Your 2019 Garden

Planning Ahead for Your 2019 Garden | Artificial LawnPlanning Ahead for Your 2019 Garden | Artificial LawnOver the festive break, many homeowners will begin planning ahead for their 2019 gardens, thinking about what they are going to be doing, how 2018 issues can be overcome and whether maintenance has been a problem.

The UKs searing temperatures this summer led to many destroyed natural lawns all over the country. Homeowners faced dried grass, hosepipe bans and a miserable-looking garden as a result.

Considering artificial grass?

Lots of UK homeowners are thinking about artificial grass next year to overcome the problem of a poor quality lawn. Dried and dead natural grass not only looks awful, but it also restricts use of the garden. During the summer months, children like to play outside, entertaining happens outside and the whole family enjoys spending time in the garden. When it does rain after a spell of hot, dry weather, natural lawns often struggle to deal with the rain, and become waterlogged very quickly. This can be just as harmful to the garden as the searing temperatures.

An artificial lawn is designed and developed to stay healthy-looking throughout the year and does not rely on regular rainfall to do so. During an artificial grass installation, preparation of the ground is carried out to provide adequate drainage and a weed membrane installed to prevent the lawn matting getting out of shape. Once installed on correctly-prepared ground, the artificial lawn can last for many years.

Cutting down the maintenance

Throughout the year, a natural lawn requires homeowners to stay on top of the maintenance. This often includes mowing, weeding and moss removal to ensure the grass remains healthy.

An artificial lawn installation frees homeowners of the maintenance aspects of gardening the lawn. There is no need to mow artificial grass. The only maintenance required of a good artificial grass installation is the removal of large debris to avoid tearing the matting. If securing pins are used, the grass stays firmly in place, even during the strongest of winds.

If you will be planning your 2019 garden over the festive break, add artificial grass to your list of ideas and give yourselves more freedom and flexibility to use your garden all-year-round.


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