Replacing a Shed Roof in Time for Winter

Replacing a Shed Roof in Time for Winter

Replacing a Shed Roof in Time for Winter | Garden BlogThe garden shed is often overlooked when homeowners get their gardens ready for winter. Often there are important garden tools stored in the shed and also garden furniture. Keeping these items dry and clean over winter is a big consideration, and the shed roof should be checked before the winter months take over.

Replacing a shed roof is not difficult when you consider the latest roofing materials. Traditional felt roofing, which still often comes as the standard on most shed roofs, does not perform well, especially if it has withstood a long, hot summer such as the UK has enjoyed this year. During long hot spells, old felt roofing is prone to bubbling, which then leads inevitably to cracks and leaking.

The latest EPDM membranes give a longevity to shed roofing that has not been seen before – in fact, EPDM is expected to last for more than 50 years! This could mean that the application of an EPDM shed roof could be the last you ever do.

Replacing a shed roof has been revolutionised by the introduction of the EPDM shed roof kit.

What is a shed roof kit?

A shed roof kit is available in standard sizes, making it easy to match the size kit you need with the standard size of your shed. For example, if you have a standard, 8 x 4ft shed, you simply order an 8 x 4ft kit, which makes replacing a shed roof super -simple.

The shed roof kits are prepared with your size in mind, so there is a bit of overhang on the membrane, and the right amount of adhesive to get the job done. No messing about trying to heat bitumen or seal the joins! EPDM shed roof membranes are applied in one piece.

Buying a shed roof kit online is easy too, and with next day delivery, you can easily go ahead with replacing your shed roof before winter. Keep the shed dry and your stuff inside safe.


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